Scott Pittman - (1940-2022) - Co-Founder - Director Emeritus

Scott Pittman resonated with so many over several decades by consistently sharing the deep wisdom of nature and how we properly develop our places in it. Scott co-founded the Permaculture Institute, Inc., with Bill Mollison in 1997 and carried Permaculture throughout the world, teaching and practicing it on every continent except Antartica for nearly forty years. He gave courses to multiple indigenous tribes in the Amazon and elsewhere, always encouraging traditional wisdom and arts. Scott taught in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Siberia, Ukraine, Brazil, Nepal, Hopiland, Navajo Nation, Haiti, and Costa Rica, among other nations. He also founded the former Permaculture Credit Union, and was a skillful builder of natural homes. Scott was a true guardian of the planet and steward of her insight.

other team members

  • Natalia Vega-Durga

    Natalia studied Agriculture Sciences at EARTH University in her native Costa Rica, as well as Holistic Sciences at Schumacher College in the UK. From 2011 to 2017 she co-taught Permaculture Design Courses with Scott Pittman in Costa Rica—a very rich experience that allowed her to have an amazing mentor while meeting hundreds of students from…
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  • Jason Gerhardt

    Jason serves as Director of the Permaculture Institute, Inc., and is sought out for his design and education approach that equips people around the world to lead in their own communities.
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  • Raleigh Barnes

    Raleigh Barnes is a lifelong gardener who's been planting since a child with his father, mother and sister. He's had the privilege of growing in Texas, Hawaii, Costa Rica and mostly subtropical Florida. Raleigh is a dynamic gardener whose organic principles stretch far beyond that of industry standards. He incorporates permaculture, organic gardening, native gardening,…
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