British Columbia,


Delvin Solkinson - Diploma Program Coordinator

Delvin Solkinson is a community gardener, native plant enthusiast, life-long learner, and teacher from British Columbia, Canada. Collaborating with his wife Grace, a homesteader, herbalist and creative cook, he creates free learning and teaching tools, writes articles and makes videos. He has taught permaculture to thousands of people of different ages and built numerous community learning gardens in public places and on school grounds.

Completing a PDC, Diploma and Master’s Degree with Bill Mollison, Delvin has also done thirteen advanced courses and thirteen teacher trainings in-person with permaculture legends across the planet. His learning includes multiple Permaculture Design Course’s, two more Permaculture Diplomas and a five year Doctoral Degree. He has been shaped by extensive study and mentorship from Larry Santoyo and Looby Macnamara. He currently pursues a Post-Doc in Permaculture Education.

A Diploma Tutor with Permaculture Association UK and Instructor on the Pacific Rim College Permaculture Design and Resilient Eco-systems Diploma, Delvin loves to support people to learn and practice permaculture.

Serving as the Diploma Program Co-ordinator and a Field Mentor for the Permaculture Institute, Inc., Delvin applies his diverse education to create transformative learning opportunities for those already practicing permaculture and those just arriving.

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