Bill Mollison - (1928-2016) - Co-Founder

Bruce Charles “Bill” Mollison set the field of permaculture in motion, from co-originating permaculture itself with David Holmgren to co-founding the Permaculture Institute, Inc., with Scott Pittman. The whole of the permaculture community is indebted to Bill for the legacy he left behind and the lineage he began. Author of multiple books, his tome, Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual, is unsurpassed to this day. Bill was the recipient of the international Right Livelihood Award in 1981, among other awards, and filmed the renowned Global Gardener television series. While unconventional and sometimes crude, his wild wisdom continues to create incredibly positive change all over the Earth today.

other team members

  • Ros McCann

    Ros is a Sustainable Communities Professor at Utah State University (USU) where she conducts and publishes research on the permaculture movement, leads the USU permaculture initiative, and teaches permaculture design.
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  • Raleigh Barnes

    Raleigh Barnes is a lifelong gardener who's been planting since a child with his father, mother and sister. He's had the privilege of growing in Texas, Hawaii, Costa Rica and mostly subtropical Florida. Raleigh is a dynamic gardener whose organic principles stretch far beyond that of industry standards. He incorporates permaculture, organic gardening, native gardening,…
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  • Natalia Vega

    Natalia studied Agriculture Sciences at EARTH University in her native Costa Rica, as well as Holistic Sciences at Schumacher College in the UK. From 2011 to 2017 she co-taught Permaculture Design Courses with Scott Pittman in Costa Rica—a very rich experience that allowed her to have an amazing mentor while meeting hundreds of students from…
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