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The Permaculture Institute is growing ecological culture—offering education in ecosystem, self and community transformation for over 25 years.

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  • View of Lake Arenal from Rancho Margot.

    Permaculture Paradigm

    Immerse in nature while growing ecological consciousness. Develop the heart of permaculture. Transform fear and concern into mindful action.

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  • Teacher Training & Retreat

    Explore ecological leadership and education, from formal teaching to inspiring your community. Dive deeper into permaculture through teaching it.

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  • Advanced Ecological Design

    Practice next-level permaculture design process. Steep in ecological decision making for effective and efficient action. Regenerate your land and community.

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  • Permaculture Practicum

    Engage yourself in regenerative land management with efficient market gardens, agroforestry, pastured animal systems, forest farming, and rainwater harvesting.

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Bill Mollison and Scott Pittman, Sebastopol, California Permaculture Course 1997

The Permaculture Institute Story

With 27 years of permaculture education to date, the Permaculture Institute continues growing the field for the benefit of all.

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scott pittman smudging class with sage

Our Dear Scott Is Gone

Scott Pittman will forever be in our hearts. A profound teacher of permaculture, ecosystem regenerator, riveting storyteller, and enlightening mentor. Rest in peace, dear friend.

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