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Diploma Requirements

Scroll down to find documents describing Diploma Educational Requirements (General and Specific), and Diploma application process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I just finished my PDC and am very interested in working towards my diploma. Where do I begin?

A: Please start by visiting our Continuing Education pages for pointers on what to do next. Your main job will be gaining prolonged practical experience (we suggest 12 months), while deepening your understanding of permaculture through community involvement, on-going learning and practice. Document all your work, and create your own portfolio. Once you have a portfolio, you are ready to contact us to become Permaculture Practitioner in Training, get matched with a mentor and continue your learning in a guided way. Please also visit Part 2 and Part 3 of Diploma documents below to see Educational requirements for those who aspire to get their Diploma.

Q: I have read your Diploma documents below. I see there are two “Tracks”, one for recent graduates of PDC, and one for more experienced practitioners. I find myself sort of in-between those two  tracks, having worked on my project for nearly three years and co-taught in two PDC as guest teacher. How do I know which track to select?

A: There are indeed two tracks of earning Permaculture Diploma. When an applicant is clearly in the learning phases of his/her career, they are qualified for Track One. In your case, you do not meet five-year of active practice and continuing education criteria. Please apply for Track One. Track Two is basically a self-nominating track for established practitioners who are ready to come to the peer circle with a complete or nearly complete portfolio of their work. All aspiring permaculture diplomats must also meet their General and Specific Education Requirements as set forth in documents below.

Q: What is Permaculture Practitioner in Training? Do I have to be one in order to be qualified for diploma?

A: There are many paths of learning. Many PDC graduates are seeking guided learning opportunities after PDC, either interested in working towards a Diploma, or just to deepen their understanding of permaculture. There are very limited options in place for that support. One way to gain that support is to register as PPiT (Permaculture Practitioner in Training). We will attempt to match you with a permaculture mentor, who then will guide you in creating your own, unique Learning Plan, and will establish a process  in which you receive support and direction from your mentor. Becoming a PPiT does not guarantee Permaculture Diploma eligibility, but it is a good solid way of deepening your learning and acquiring skills with guidance by a mentor.

Q: I reviewed the documents for Diploma and am confused with different time requirements for applicants – I see that Track Two must have 5 years of experience before applying, but submits a portfolio documenting only 4 years of work? Please clarify.

A: For those established practitioners that self-nominate for Track Two, we expect to see a minimum of five years of experience behind their belt. For those who enter Track Two following work of Track One four years will be expected in their portfolio. In reality both types of applicants will have closer to five years of learning and practice completed, either way.

Q: Do I really need a diploma? Who recognizes it, what advantages it brings me?

A: Permaculture Diploma is an award granted by the circle of peers. It implies that the recipient has achieved professional excellence and demonstrated commitment to permaculture ethics. Diploma process is in its infancy in the US, Canada and South America, but it is rapidly gaining momentum as movement recognizes a growing need to establish and maintain standards of practice. While there is no permaculture police to enforce diploma requirements, we anticipate that it will become a standard for all practitioners offering their services to public,  as designers or teachers in particular, to have earned their diploma.  Beginning in 2015, Permaculture Institute will require that all lead instructors for PDC have diploma in Education.

Q: I found other organizations in the US, that are also offering Permaculture Diplomas. How does this work?

A: We are hoping to work with all those organizations on harmonizing the process to create unified standards and mutual reciprocity of diploma recognition. Currently, there is no cohesion in the process of diploma development.

Part 2 DIPLOMA General Education Requirements

Part 3 DIPLOMA – Specific Education Requirement, Application Process

Part 1 DIPLOMA Definitions (this is a supplemental document, and is listed last intentionally)


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