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Permaculture Diploma

The Permaculture Diploma is not a course, but evidence of professional excellence.

It is awarded to individuals who meet certain education requirements, achieve excellence in permaculture practice, demonstrate their commitment to permaculture ethics, and submit adequate evidence of their work to a committee of peers (College of Diplomats) for review and recommendations.

Beginning in 2015, a Permaculture Diploma in Education is required from all lead instructors offering Permaculture Design Certificate Course and signing certificates in the USA, Canada and South America.

We highly recommend that all prospective students check their PDC to be sure that the lead teacher meets this criterion. See list of permaculture diplomats that currently meet this criterion. While we strive to keep it current, please contact us if you think you see an omission.

Permaculture Diplomas are offered in the following fields of practice: Education, Design, Site Development, Community Service, Media, Research, Appropriate Technology, Work with Children and Finance. A diploma issued in one field does not imply diploma in other fields.

The Permaculture Diploma signifies that the recipient:

  • has achieved professional excellence in his or her practice,
  • has demonstrated commitment to permaculture ethics and standards of practice,
  • has had his or her work evaluated and acknowledged by peers.

Permaculture Diploma Requirements and FAQ / Permaculture Diplomats Listing / Contact Diploma Program Coordinator




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