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Permaculture Practitioner in Training

Permaculture Practitioner in Training (PPiT) is a course of study under the guidance of a permaculture mentor. There are very limited openings available to those who by and large have completed Continuing Education steps, developed a portfolio of their “first steps” experiences for a period of at least one year after PDC and would like to get more guidance in their learning.

Upon initial inquiry and communications with our PPiT administrator, candidates will be instructed to submit an application, their portfolio, and pay applicable fees. We will match candidate with a permaculture mentor, who then offers guidance with creating personalized, unique Learning Plan.

Mentor works with the PPiT for some extended period of time, track progress, makes recommendations. Some applicants use PPiT support in order to work on their diploma eligibility, while others use it to simply deepen their knowledge and understanding of permaculture.

Annual registration fees $75/year plus PalPal processing surcharge paid here: (for accepted PPiT only)

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